Brand Development + Media Attention = Brand Awareness

Imagine being the owner of a forward-thinking brand that not only lives up to it’s reputation, but generates a buzz through social and media publications based upon it’s unwavering integrity. How does that sound to you? If this is what you’re looking to create, we will you help you spread the word far and wide!


Media packs

Share your story, vision and accolades in a concise and coherent format. Media packs are the perfect way to get the attention you want from… well, the media! Think of it as an introductory presentation to business for the platforms you wish to feature on. Pique the interest of the right pair of eyes and who knows what doors it can unlock! Not only could you be featured on a leading publication, you could be called for speaking events, investment opportunities or interviews! From start to finish, Osupa can handle the creation and distribution of your very own media pack. Ready to make it happen?

press releases.png

press releases

Ah yes, the classic press release. Many publications, both digital and print alike, create news articles based upon company press releases. It is a tried and tested public relations tool that continues to withstand the test of time. If you have something remarkable in the works or a product / service that is ready to go public, you need to make an announcement. Not like, drop a few messages here and there. I mean scream it from the hills for the whole world to hear. With a little formatting and world play, we’ll make sure everyone’s in the know. (No actual screaming necessary.)


social media features

Influencer marketing this, paid advertising that. I know you hear these terms all the time but I promise you that it’s not for nought. Osupa prides itself on matching the right influencers and platforms with forward-thinking brands. No need for tacky click-bait nonsense or self-gratuitous single postings. We believe that longevity is the answer. Through authentic promotions and long-lasting partnerships, we can begin to revolutionise the market for the greater good. Make profit, inspire others with your message and promote via those who stand for your brand. Now that’s a win!