Brenda Adiyiah

Queen Llamacorn / Moon Magician

International creative consultant

Born in London, UK. Ex-model turned Entrepreneur.

Brand Developer, Copywriter, Publicist, Content Creator and more.

Previous brands: Demari Vi Syth, Anima Retouch and Burn the Night.

Credits include: Toni & Guy London, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Make Up Store, Scuzz TV, MTV One, FlavourMag, HairIdeas and more.

Founder of Rose Gold Slayers. Currently can be found in New Zealand.

Legend has it…

…if you encounter the Llamacorn Queen, smile at her. If she deems your smile to be genuine, she’ll smile back. She’ll also send you rainbows that drop pots full of gold. (Or… you know, good vibes and a strategy to make you more money.)